Flash Fiction


Three 50-word pieces of flash fiction on the subject of ‘Home’.

The Refuge

I’d travelled far to see the old house where I was raised.

Nowt special to look at, except to me.


Childhood warmth, teenage mistakes.

My refuge, once.

But like me, it was gone.


No longer a place but a feeling, residing inside my head and my heart.



There are memories in these bricks.

Stacked one on top of the other; merged, melded into what was once my home.

In the daylight, warm.

In the shade, cold.

A place of protection and suffocation.

This place made me who I am.

It’s time to build something new.


Lives of Brian

Of all of Brian’s incarnations, the weevil was the hardest.

The frog was cool.

The human fun.

But living in a home of flour with his wheat allergy was always going to end in tears.

Now, at last: a duck.

Safety guaranteed!

Then the child threw the breadstick beakwards.


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