Is your brand ready for life after lockdown?

Lady wearing a blue corona mask

ZOOM! Just like that, July arrived and the lockdown measures began to ease. So is your business and branding all set and ready to embrace the ‘new normal’?

No matter where you find yourself in the world, Covid-19 has had a huge impact, be it personally, professionally, locally or globally. Everyone has been touched and affected by it in one way or another, and never has the phrase “we’re all in this together” felt more apt.

As social-distancing and lockdowns emptied offices and bit hard into business, we reached out from our places of isolation to connect with one another digitally. Apps such as Zoom became a godsend – in fact the app went from 10 million users globally in December 2019 to 300 million by April this year.

But where does your business stand now?

As we tentatively venture back out and reconnect with the real world, ask yourself, are you ready to face it? It’s not just a question of where your business is at, it’s vital to be aware of where your customers are at too. How has the Covid-19 pandemic affected them?

No, the pandemic and aftermath are not a marketing opportunity to be taken advantage of, but they are instead a time to think of how you can help your clients and customers out. Take a second or two away from your own difficulties and reach out to them.

It could be that your business has the potential to play a key role in helping them back onto their feet, to give them the strength to move forward and come to terms with the changing world. Find out what it is they need to pick themselves up and if you can’t help them, can you put them in touch with someone who can?

Getting your branding and communications right during this time is hugely important. You need to set the right tone. Be authentic. Be open. There’s no need for sarcasm or cynicism, no matter what your thoughts are in regard to how the pandemic has been handled by the powers that be.
That said, a bit of humour wouldn’t go amiss provided you’re able to pitch it right. Something that triggers that emotional connection between you all. After all, we each have our own stories about how we’ve coped since the start of the year. What’s yours?

Lady outdoors wearing a protective facemask during the Coronavisu pandemic
It’s time to find out how your customers have coped during the pandemic.
Photo: NickyPe/Pixabay

We’ve all had to adapt. Your business is no different.

By reaching out now and listening to what your customers have to say, you’re showing them that you’re back, you’re ready to look after them and you care. You’re a part of this new world too.
It’s a bit of positive news when we need it most.

Manage their expectations, though. If you’re struggling because one of your suppliers is struggling too, be honest and let everyone know. Your customers will always appreciate the truth along with the time and opportunity to re-structure their plans.
They’ll understand. We’re all in it together, remember?

Your customers were there for you. Pay it forward.

By focussing on the customers you already have, you’re showing that you value them. They’ll be looking to you for reassurance because after all, you’re a connection with the time before everything went crazy!
Getting new customers in doesn’t necessarily have to be the priority right now. Spend a bit of time on those you already have and keep the connection strong.

Nobody knows for sure how the world is going to look and how it’s going to work over the next few months and beyond. In that sense, there’s no right or wrong way to re-connect.
Emails, phone calls, blog posts, social media announcements.
A combination of all, or some of the above. Whichever method you choose, that first piece of communication could make all the difference for somebody out there and their business.

Reach out.
Get the conversation going again.

If you need a chat, I’m here and only too happy to listen.
Feel free to tell me the story of your business, of how you’ve coped, and what your ups and downs have been during the pandemic.
We can Zoom, email, or even speak over a coffee now that Berlin is up and running again (just don’t forget your mask on public transport!)
Let’s talk.

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