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Ross Lowe on Pod Pit

Ross Lowe on Pod Pit, the business podcast from Design Pit

I’m in a podcast! Or on a podcast. Or something.

Yes. Apparently, I’m one of those gits who enjoys the sound of his own voice.
Reading that back out loud however, I’m not sure I do.


Recently I was honoured to be a featured guest on Gareth Robertson’s new podcast, Pod Pit. You might remember Gareth (hell, if you’re lucky enough you might even know him) from my recent article about him and his award-winning graphic design agency, Design Pit.

Ross Lowe – Derby to Toronto to Berlin and Back Again
Listen now at Pod Pit

Gareth is much more than just a graphic designer. He’s a businessman, an entrepreneur and a highly successful networker. He cares very much about other people’s businesses and doing all he can to help make them succeed too.

His new podcast, the aforementioned Pod Pit, features real people, sharing real stories about real business. There’s some really inspirational stuff in there, and I highly recommend you give it a listen while you’re out walking the dog, jogging, sat on the loo, or doing whatever it is you do when enjoying a podcast. He’s got a fabulous range of guests on there with some great tales to tell.

As for my story, we get to talk about copywriting and the dark art of SEO, along with my career as a freelancer at the BBC. It’s a bit of a rollercoaster as we take in my journey from Derby to Berlin via London and Toronto and back again. There are broken bones, marriage proposals in front of 27,000 people and occasional swears. It’s a fun listen, and I reckon you’ll enjoy it.
Listen to my appearance on the Pod Pit podcast here.

It’d be great to know your thoughts too.
Just be kind when it comes to my accent…

Share and enjoy.

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