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Who is Geöff?

And why is he good for business in Berlin?

Geöff is back.
Geöff is everywhere. Geöff is good for you and Geöff is going to make lockdown a distant memory.
Yay, Geöff!

As a native English copywriter, I had to learn quick when I landed in Berlin just over a year ago. It’s an amazing city, full of excitement, colour and positivity. My wife and I had moved from England and we hit the ground running. What a city! What great people! Independent business everywhere! Berlin quickly became our home.

Then came the pandemic. Now look, while my living room is accommodating and my kitchen – as I’ve discovered – is great to both eat and work from simultaneously, it’s not Berlin. I mean yes, physically it is. But I was missing the bars. The restaurants. The socialising. Das Bier. I missed Geöff.

Hey, Alex. Have you seen Geöff?
Image: Thomas Wolter/Pixabay

Geöff even has his own internet.

We got through. We had to, just like everyone else here. It was hard to see our favourite shops hiding behind their shutters. We went for breakfast at a favourite café in Boxhagener Platz, in the days immediately before lockdown. The poor owner was terrified about closing her doors. She didn’t want to shut Geöff out. After all, everybody loves Geöff. The guy even has his own internet – Geöffnet. I’d seen it advertised in windows across Berlin since we’d moved to Germany, and I decided there and then to sign up to Geöffnet during lockdown. To fit in with the cool kids.

Geöff came back.

Getting to know Geöff was an important part of my learning while I set up my copywriting business in Berlin. Learning the way of life means learning the language, and not just in the literal and spoken sense. What people do, what makes them tick and what makes them thrive at their very best.

I had pondered long and hard over this particular word. Eventually, I got frustrated of not knowing. I needed answers. The frustration got the better of me, I was effin’ and Geöffin’. So I threw myself headfirst into a German language textbook and hallelujah!

There he was, staring back at me:

Geöffnet: open
adj: allowing access, passage; not closed or blocked.
“he entered the shop through the open door”

Geöff. So cool he even has his own internet.

Achtung! Berlin ist geöffnet, baby!

Yes ladies and gentlemen, Geöff is back. The shops are open, the shutters pulled up, the people have returned and just LOOK at the diversity of all the masks out there! While the threat of a second wave of Corona is still very real it warms the heart to see the pulse of life beating again in Berlin, albeit in a socially-distanced manner. Businesses that have nervously held on by a fingernail during lockdown can breathe again and re-open their doors.

It’s great to see the customers flooding in, and it’s nice to have something positive to write about for a change.

Thank you, Geöff. We missed you.

If you’re a business that’s recently re-opened its doors, I’d love to help you!

Getting your words right is crucial as you face life after Corona.
A native English copywriter could make all the difference.
So, for help and advice with your content marketing, get in touch.

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